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Garage Door Kit2

  • Question: What is the difference between the garage door kit and the garage door kit 2?


There are four differences between garage door kit and garage door kit 2.

First, the component – The garage door kit includes Garage Door Controller and Garage Door Sensor; the garage door kit 2 includes YoLink Finger and Garage Door Sensor 2.

Second, the compatibility – The Garage Door Controller is compatible with door openers manufactured after 1993 that utilize photoelectric sensors; YoLink Finger is 100% compatible with all types of garage door openers.

Third, the voltage – The Garage Door Controller is powered by DC 5V, the Garage Door Sensor is powered by 3V DC (2 – AAA battery); the YoLink Finger is powered by 3V DC (2 – AA battery), the Garage Door Sensor 2 is powered by 3V DC (2 – AAA battery).

Forth, the installation – The Garage Door Controller is wired installation; the YoLink Finger is no-wire installation.


  • Question: What garage door openers does this work with?


YoLink garage door Kit 2 works with any garage door openers. It’s only garage door controller system 100 percent compatible all brands garage door openers in the market.


  • Question: What keyless entry and remotes are compatible with sears 139.53800 srt-1?


The YoLink finger can work with your remote 139.538000, it works just like a finger to press a button. So theoretically, it 100% compatible to any other remotes.


  • Question: I received these today and was able to get them set up. It does not look like Alexa is compatible with setting up a routine for the door sensor. Can you please look into this?


We have tested Garage Door Sensor and YoLink Finger on Alexa_App Version 2.2.326868. If you cannot use the two devices on Alexa APP, please try to update it to the latest version.

Please refer to https://youtu.be/b3lEU9GW660 on Part 5 – Alexa Integration for how to use YoLink Finger & Garage Door Sensor with Alexa.


Some Notices about using Garage Door Sensor and YoLink Finger on Alexa,

1, when Garage Door Sensor is bound to YoLink Finger.

There will be two devices on Alexa APP.

As for YoLink Finger, you can use Voice Control to lock or unlock; or create Routines to lock

As for the garage door sensor, you can create routines to get voice announcements via Alexa APP; use Alexa to check its status


Please note, YoLink Finger is only supported to create Routines for Lock the device, unlock does not support for security reason.


2, About Discover device,

Only when the garage door sensor is bound to YoLink Finger before adding to Alexa APP, the Garage Door Sensor and YoLink Finger will both work with Alexa.


If the garage door sensor is not bound to YoLink Finger before adding to Alexa APP, only Garage Door Sensor will work with Alexa.

You can bind the garage door sensor and garage finger at YoLink APP, then use Alexa to discover devices or re-link the YoLink APP account via Alexa APP.

For better user experience, we recommend you can use the Group on Alexa-device to manage your devices.


  • Question: Does it work with the Google Assistant?


YoLink Garage Door Kit 2 including YoLink Finger and Garage Door Sensor 2 works with Google Assistant.

Please kindly note only when the Finger is paired with the garage door sensor 2, the two devices will be found and work with Google Assistant.

If the YoLink Finger is not paired with the garage door sensor 2, please kindly pair in YoLink APP at first, and then discovers new devices to sync the two devices in Google Home.

You can use Google Assistant to open or close your garage door, and check the status of your garage door.


  • Question: I am trying to trigger my YoLink Finger with IFTTT, but None of the triggers seem to work with the Garage Door.  Under device they all say ‘Options unavailable’.


For security reason, we did not integrate the YoLink Finger with IFTTT.

Only the Garage Door Sensor 2 works with IFTTT. Garage Door Sensor 2 works as the trigger service, it can work as “IF” in IFTTT.

About how to integrate with IFTTT for Garage Door Sensor 2, please visit https://youtu.be/b3lEU9GW660 (Part 6 – IFTTT Integration).


  • Question: Why does the opener go threw so many batteries?


The YoLink Finger is powered by 2*AA Alkaline batteries, and the Garage Door Sensor is powered by 2*AAA Alkaline batteries. I guess there are some problems with the batteries, you need to change to the total new batteries and retry. Please do not mix the new batteries with the original batteries.


  • Question: The arm does not go down enough or far enough in the middle of the sensor, why?


Please place your YoLink finger tightly next to the garage door button and then try to control the YoLink finger with the YoLink app.
You will find that the YoLink finger does not need to slide down to the middle of the garage door button.
These two products can work together perfectly. Please note that it must be installed close to each other and there should be no gaps between the two products.
Please kindly watch the following video about the installation https://youtu.be/tQqdOGdtBXI


  • Question: App shows the devices (hub, finger, garage door sensor) on home screen, but does not show any devices when on automation screens.


The “IF” of YoLink app-Smart-Automation can select a garage door sensor as the trigger condition, but “Behavior” cannot select YoLink finger.

YoLink finger is equivalent to a garage door lock, its security level is high. Only allow the owner to open/close the door by himself, or through the voice control of Alexa (you need to set a password in advance).


  • Question: Will the lock work with TTlock app?


Sorry, YoLink Garage Door Kit 2 does not work on TTlock APP.

YoLink Devices work with YoLink APP. As for the YoLink Garage Door Kit 2, you can monitor the real-time state of garage door via YoLink App, open/close your garage door with your mobile device anywhere, anytime through YoLink APP…

YoLink Garage Door Kit 2 works with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT too.