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Google Connection

  • Question: One more issue, in google home app, YoLink service is linked, but unable to load authorization page and unable to integrate YoLink to google home. 


If you did not log in YoLink APP and have no YoLink APP account, you cannot finish the authorization.

About how to integrate with Google Home, please visit our video https://youtu.be/Fcu4LLLoGvk


If you do have YoLink App account, there might be three reasons.

1, Google Home has a new version, please kindly update your Google Home.

2, Please do not log in to your Google account in two phones. If you open your accounts in two phones at the same time, there might be many unknown conditions, like a crash.

3, Please kindly make sure your network signal is strong. If the signal is too weak, it will take more time for loading, and please kindly wait a while.


Question: I have linked my YoLink account with Google, but I cannot find my devices.


The reason might be your devices do not support Google at present.

Currently Google Assistant supports YoLink Plug, YoLink Plug Mini, YoLink In-Wall Outlet, YoLink In-Wall Switch, YoLink Power Strip, YoLink Outdoor Plug, YoLink Gas/Water Valve, YoLink Door Lock, YoLink  Sprinkler Controller, YoLink  Thermostat, YoLink Door Sensor, YoLink Garage Door Kit, YoLink Garage Door Kit 2, YoLink Siren Alarm.