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Motion Sensor

Question: Can I use it outdoor?


Sorry, YoLink Motion Sensor is not weatherproof and waterproof. If you use it outdoor, please wrap it and keep it away from rain or water.

The outdoor motion sensor is under our roadmap, it will be released next year.


Question: I want to put your Smart Motion Sensor in the back of my mailbox that’s about 600 feet away. What would say is the maximum distance?


In an open environment, the maximum communication distance between the device and the Hub can reach 300 meters (1000 feet), and obstacles (walls, etc.) will reduce the communication distance of the device.


Question: Does it work on HIGH ceiling?


The installation height of the YoLink Motion Sensor is 3-4m for Ceiling.


Question: I want to turn off the switch after a few minutes of no motion inactivity in Alexa, any suggestion?


Please confirm you have the option to set “Time to enter No-Motion state” in YoLink APP. If not, please kindly update the firmware.

Please note the time to enter No-Motion state needs to be plus with the No Motion time on Alexa.

For example, if you set the “Time to enter No-Motion state” to 3 minutes on YoLink APP, and on Alexa APP you choose when Motion Sensor detects no motion for 5 minutes. The total reaction time will be 8 minutes.

Because YoLink APP will send data to the cloud when the No-Motion State is over 3 minutes, then Alexa will use this time as the start.

You can create routines to turn off your the Switch when the Motion Sensor detects no motion for 5 minutes at Alexa APP.

If you set “Time to enter No-Motion state” to 3 minutes on YoLink APP, then the total time will be 8 minutes when there is no motion. That is to say, your YoLink Switch will be turned off when there is no motion for 8 minutes.


Question: In try to trigger my smart thermostat if no motion for 1 hour …or if sleeping will motion still pick up?


First, as long as motion is detected in the detection area, the YoLink motion sensor will trigger a “motion alert” regardless of whether it is sleeping.
Secondly, regarding the state change of the YoLink motion sensor between “Motion alert” and “no motion”, first you need to set the “Time to enter No-Motion state” of the motion sensor on the YoLink APP (please update the firmware of the motion sensor to 040a.)
After the movement is detected, if no movement is detected within the “Time to enter No-Motion state”, it will change from “motion alert” to “no motion”;
After the motion is detected, if motion is detected in the “Time to enter No-Motion state”, the state remains unchanged.


Question: Is there anyway to brighten this light and control how long it stays on?


Really sorry for the light of motion sensor can be not adjusted.


Question: I see your Motion Sensor has a “Working Temperature: 0°C~50°C (32°F~122°F)”. Do you have anything that works down to 0F or -5F? This sensor really not useful to half the country that gets below freezing temperatures.


YoLink motion sensor at present is designed for indoor using in normal household temperature. As a result, it can work in the cold environment but its function will likely be affected.
We have optimized and developed a new outdoor YoLink Motion Sensor that will be fine with 0F to -5F which can adjust the sensitivities and will have more features but it will be released next year.


Question: What is the best way to set this up on a mailbox?


If you have a metal mailbox, just put it all the way inside the surface of the wall of the mailbox, the motion sensor has magnets, so it can be attached to the wall of the mailbox. If you have the wood mailbox, you can stick the round metal piece which come with the sensor to the inside wall first, then put the sensor.


Question: Could this work inside a plastic mailbox for mail detection? How could I focus the dectection beam so it doesn’t trigger every passing car?


  1. Place the YoLink Motion Sensor in the mailbox. When the mailbox door is closed, the motion sensor is in a general monitoring state, and an alarm will be detected when the mailbox door is opened.
  2. Vehicles generally do not trigger alarms, but air flow may cause the motion sensor alarm.

Please note:

  1. The motion sensor is not waterproof, please keep it away from rain, wind, and sunlight.
  2. The motion sensor should be placed so that movement is across the sensor instead of straight into the sensor and away from sources of high or variable heat such as AC vents and lamps.


Question: Can you disarm the sensors when you are in the home?


The YoLink Motion Sensor does not alarm itself, it only sends push notifications. But it works with Alexa, so you can create routines to get voice announcements.
If you want to disable the notifications when you are in the home, you can turn the alert off or set the “Do not disturb” in YoLink APP.


Question: Can you use lithium batteries in the detectors?


No, the Motion Sensor is powered by 2*AAA Alkaline batteries.


Question: The motion sensors can be hung somewhere or do I have to stick/screw it in somehow?


The smart motion sensor with built-in magnet can be installed to a metal object directly. Or you can tear off the double-side tape and stick it to the place for monitoring.


Question: Are your motion detectors PIR or active?


YoLink motion sensors are PIR.


Question: I am interested in your motion sensor, any guide? 


YoLink Motion Sensor will alert you if someone enters your home. After the first alert, subsequent alerts will be sent every 30 minutes if the motion sensor keeps detecting motions. One exception is that if someone stays still in the room for more than one minute, another alert will be sent when the person starts moving again.

About how to set up the Motion Sensor, please kindly watch the following video.