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Outdoor Plug

Question: How do I put a Yolink outdoor plug in discovery mode in order to operate it with Amazon Alexa?


Please download YoLink App first, and add YoLink devices to YoLink App

Then connect YoLink with Alexa, please follow the below steps.
1. Open Alexa app
2. Find skills store in Alexa APP
3. Seach “YoLink Skill”
4. Please enable “YoLink Skill” at first
5. After enable, you will connect your YoLink account with Alexa
6. Discover devices, then your devices which work with Alexa in your YoLink account will sync to Alexa APP
7. Then you can create routines or use voice control with Alexa.
For better user experience, we recommend you can use the Group on Alexa-device to manage your devices.

Please kindly note if there are new or deleted devices in the YoLink account, you need to resynchronize the device list (discover device to sync).

Please refer the following video to know how to set up the outdoor plug, how to connect with Alexa, and so on.