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Plug Mini

Question: I could not find an action or connection for the Smart Plugs on IFTTT.


YoLink Plug Mini works with IFTTT, it can only work as action device. You can find it when you choose it as “Then”, you can find your smart plug mini at “Turn on/off outlet”.


Question: How do i get the system to turn on yolink mini plug remotely when the water leak sensor detects a water leak?


There are many ways to let your water leak sensor to turn on your YoLink mini plug. You can set up smart automation in YoLink APP, or create routines in Alexa, or create applets in IFTTT between the YoLink Water Leak Sensor and YoLink Mini Plug.
Please note: Smart Automation, Alexa_routines, IFTTT Applets requires YoLink Hub and the internet connection;
Or you can set up YoLink Control between the leak sensor and mini plug, which works even without the YoLink Hub and the internet connection.


Question: Is there electrical limit on the plugs you offer?


Input: 100 ~ 120V AC, 60Hz

Output: 100 ~ 120V AC, 10A MAX (Resistive)


Question: Can I control the plug when no internet?


The YoLink Hub is a gateway which connects YoLink devices into the internet and cloud. The APP remote control of YoLink Plug Mini does not work when the internet is down.
But YoLink Control works even without internet connection. With YoLink Control, you can use YoLink Remote to turn on or off the smart plugs.

The following listing includes 4 Smart Plugs and 1 YoLink Remote https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0834JL9BW


Question: Can you set it to come on every 2hours and run for 1hour? Rather than just one on/off cycle?


Yes, you can create schedules and smart automation for your Plug mini to fulfill that.

About how to set up Plug Mini, How connect to Alexa, Google, and IFTTT, please visit https://youtu.be/fBcHHzJPG8M


Question: Is your electric plugs are the same as wyze ? And do will they work there app ? 


YoLink Plug Mini can be remotely turned on/off via YoLink APP, with timer & schedules function, and you can create the smart scene for it, set up automation between YoLink Plug Mini and YoLink Sensors.

The following video includes how to set up YoLink Plug Mini, its functions, how to integrate with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT.

If you have Wyze and it supports IFTTT, you can also create applets at IFTTT APP.