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Power Strip

Question: How long is the cord? 


5 feet


Question: Do I need this hub? I thought it worked with google home mini or Alexa?


YoLink Power Strip does not work with Alexa and Google home mini without YoLink Hub.
YoLink Hub connects YoLink Power Strip to the internet and YoLink Cloud, the integration of YoLink Power Strip with Alexa and Google Assistant works through YoLink Cloud.


Question: Are all 4 outlets controllable with the hub or are some “always on”?


The 4 outlets are controllable. You can use YoLink APP to turn it all on/ all off/partial on/partial off, about the functions of YoLink Power Strips, please visit https://youtu.be/5hgivob-dxM on Part 2 – Functions.


Question: Will this work with other hubs like SmartThings?


Sorry, YoLink is an independent smart home system. YoLink Hub is the only central controller for the YoLink products. So it will not work with other brands’ hub.
But YoLink Power Strip works with IFTTT. If you have YoLink Hub and YoLink Power Strip, you can create IF THIS THEN THAT via IFTTT APP.