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Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Question: The temperature sensor are just set, however when sensor updates temperature and RH, it is not reflected on app.


Please kindly note that Temperature and humidity will updates when one of the following condition is met:

a. Press the SET button on the device (press once to change the temperature display unit, it is recommended to press twice).

b. There is at least 1.8°F (1°C) change of temperature in more than 1 minute.

c. When the humidity has changed at least 5% for more than 1 minute.

d. When the humidity has a difference of at least 3.6°F (2°C) within 1 minute

e. Except for the above situations, if the temperature or humidity of the device does not change significantly within one hour, it will be updated once an hour.


Question: I have set the alert at 99 Fahrenheit but does not work.


After setting the alarm value, please press the SET button of the device twice, and re-enter the setting page to view the alarm value setting result.
The steps are as below.
1, After set the alert, please press “✔” to confirm the alert.
2, And since this smart temperature and humidity sensor will upload data in every hour if the temperature changes less than 1.8°F. Thus after confirming the alert, please press the “set” button on the temperature & humidity sensor to make the alert information down-link to the sensor. Or you can wait up to 1 hour then the smart sensor will downlink the alert setting.
3, then go back to alert settings page, make sure if the alert has been sent successfully.


Question: what setting controls whether I view degree F or Degree C. 3/20 show F, the other 17 show celsius?


You can switch the display unit of temperature on the device screen according to your need. The display unit of temperature default is to be “Fahrenheit”.

Press the SET button once on the device, the unit of temperature will change into “Centigrade”.

Repeatedly press the SET button you can switch the unit of temperature between “Fahrenheit” and “Centigrade”.


Question: Will this work outside in the weather?


YoLink Smart Temperature & Humidity Sensor does not waterproof.
And its working temperature is -10°C~50°C (14°F~122°F), its working humidity is 0%~100% non-condensing.
You can try to wrap the sensor and keep it away from water. And keep it away from high temperature and low temperature. Then it might work outside.


Question: I bought this temperature humidity sensor to give me alerts and have ability to set up a routine on Alexa, or if this happens on ifttt but I don’t see a way to do either. I kind of wanted alexa to change house temperature when sensor hit certain humidity areas but all alexa can see is temperature.


As for the Alexa function, it does not support Temperature Sensor as a conditional trigger on creating routines at present, and it supports to ask for the value of the temperature or humidity.


Question: How to switch the temperature broadcast method from Alexa?


Aleax’s temperature broadcast method is to automatically select Fahrenheit or Celsius according to the usage habits of the user’s area.
You can find it on Settings -> Alexa on this Phone -> Device Settings -> Measurement Units.


Question: How to use the temperature sensor on IFTTT?


Please visit https://youtu.be/kW4bnGn-q7g Part 5 – IFTTT Integration you will know how to create IF THIS THEN THAT for YoLink Temperature & Humidity Sensor.


Question: I can not get my “Smart Temperature Humidity Sensor” to connect to my Google Home account.


We regret to tell you Temperature Humidity Sensor doesn’t support Google Home due to Google Home current limitation.


Question: I am using in a freezer. The minimum temp setting on the alarm is -14F, but my freezer is at -10F. So it always alarms. Are you planning to update the app soon? 


The alert range of YoLink Smart Temperature & Humidity Sensor in YoLink APP is -20~60 °C (-4~140°F) .
We have updated the temperature alert range to -30 ~ 70°C, ±0.3°C (-22 ~ 158°F, ±0.54°F) in the new version of YoLink APP, please kindly update.

The battery working temperature for YoLink Temperature & Humidity Sensor is -10~50°C (14~122°F). Battery will be significantly capacity reduced in the low temperature and may take a risk to be exploded in the high temperature, which will do a great effect on the device. For a wide range of temperatures (out of working temperature), it is recommended to use the AAA lithium battery.


Question: Can the temp sensor be calibrated?


The YoLink temperature and Humidity sensor is very accurate.
It is already fully calibrated in factory and the temperature sensor accuracy is more than 0.3 degree in C and the humidity sensor accuracy is more than 3%.
You can also re-calibrate through YoLink App.


Question: It is very hard to read and control the triggers from the app. Any tricks?


It will be easier to long-press then drag the direction icon to adjust the alert range.


Question: I am trying to configure a humidity sensor to turn on/off a dehumidifier. The only way I could get this to work is by setting a high and low humidity alert, for example, come on when humidity is 55% and turn off when humidity is 50%. It works, but the problem is I now get constant “low humidity” alerts. How do I keep the process working without getting all the alerts?


You can turn on the Alert Interval and set it to a larger number of minutes for your temperature & humidity sensor.

If you do not want to get push notifications, you can turn off “Receive Push Message” or set the “Do Not Disturb” time on your profile -> Settings -> Message Settings.


Question: I have a greenhouse and would like to have a ventilator who will turn on if the temperature rises for example above 100 Fahrenheit.
I already have bought the Yolink temperature sensor. Can I program the Yolink outlet that it will turn on automatically if the temperature sensor wlll rise above 100 Fahrenheit but will shut down under 86 Fahrenheit?


You can make automation via YoLink APP to fulfill that.
At first, you need to set the alert for the temperature and humidity sensor.

Second, please kindly watch the following video for how to create automation.