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  • Question: Can’t get notification when YoLink App in background, until open it again.


Due to highly customized design of the Android phone system, when you swipe up an App on the Recent View, the system will forcibly stop the App. In the Android system, an app that is forcibly stopped cannot receive push messages. Thus when you want to exit YoLink App, we recommend using the back or home button.

When the YoLink App is running in the background, except responding to push messages, there will be no other actions, and no significant power and data consumption will be generated. Please rest assured.

We also recommend that you can add the YoLink App to the background application whitelist to ensure that you can receive alarm messages from the device in a timely manner under any circumstances. This setting item is generally in the phone Settings -> Applications -> Self-starting Applications, or phone Settings -> Power -> App Restrictions.

If you can’t find the setting, please give us feedback and we will help you.


  • Question: Why I got silent alert on my phone. 


For the Android system, you can set the ring on your phone settings -> Sound and Notification; Apple has disabled the notification settings, but you can use third-party service to set.

YoLink Door Sensor, Motion Sensor and Water Leak Sensor work with Alexa, so you can create routines to get voice announcements via Alexa. We have released a YoLink Siren which works with YoLink Sensors and sends audio alarms. Its Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0887SMPKK


  • Question: Why the App keeps crash on my phone!


Please check the following items to pinpoint possible issues.

1: Is it directly exits when starting the App? Is there an authorization prompt box when opening the App?

2: Is the phone jail broken?

3: What is the App Store area?

4: What is the region and language in the phone settings?

5: What is the permission setting of YoLink App in the phone settings?

6: Has the App ID been logged in? To help analyze the problem, please open the phone settings-> privacy-> analysis and improvement-> share iphone analysis option. Please confirm whether there is data at the beginning of YoLink-*** in the analysis data. If so, please send it to us by email.

One of the customers said they changed the Language > Settings > general > language & region > iPhone language, from English to English (US) and now it’s working.Hope that will be helpful to you.


  • Question: can’t get notifications


1. The default alert for the device is turned on. You can set it at Device->Alert.

2. YoLink App supports unified alert settings in Settings-> Alarm stragety of device and Profile -> Advanced Settings.

3. If you are a member of the Home group, and you want to receive app notifications, the host of the home should set the permission in Settings-> Alarm stragety of device, choose “All” for “Send App Notification”; if you want to you are a member of the Home group, and you want to receive Email notifications, the host of the home should set the permission in Settings-> Alarm stragety of device, choose “All” for “Send Email”.

4. If you cannot get the alert notifications normally, please the dignosis tool to exclude in Profile -> Help-> Can’t Get Device Alarm-> Dignosis of Device Alarm-> Start Dignosis.


  • Question: Can it be set up to get phone notifications on multiple phones?


Currently only one phone number can be added to your YoLink App account.

But YoLink Sensors works with IFTTT, if you need to get phone notifications on multiple phones, you can create your own Applets for your sensors via IFTTT app.

How to connect YoLink with IFTTT, please visit https://youtu.be/wCwYhgwIdcU


  • Question: Charge of SMS


We don’t charge any extra fee from our customers. But regarding the text fee issue, When A sends a message to B, in the United States, the mobile carrier will charge B for receiving the message and A also for sending the message.
From the user’s perspective, no one is willing to pay any additional fees. However, SMS charges are charged by mobile carriers, so charges cannot be avoided, thus we discourage users from using it. We recommend that customers use the app’s own push notifications.

Based on communication with mobile operators, they charge approximately 0.1 cents for every 10 text messages.
On the basis of the charging standards, we will provide an extra 100 free text messages for each device for each customer. Of course, these 100 free text messages are paid by us to mobile carriers. After 100 messages, the cost for every 10 text messages is about 0.1 cent.

YoLink sensors support IFTTT, and you can create applets to get SMS notifications via IFTTT.
You can compare the cost of IFTTT app with the SMS cost of the YoLink app, and then choose the cheaper one.

Thank you for your understanding in advance.


  • Question: How do I change the name of my water sensors on the app from ‘Not Set’ to something I want?


The YoLink devices can be named differently. So even you place them in the same room, you can distinguish them by names.
For example, you can edit the name of your leak sensor as BsmtNorthWall, another one as BsmtSorthWall, and so on.
Please watch the following video regarding add room and edit names https://youtu.be/P03JlkBU_3I


  • Question: I would like my device to work differently at different times of the day. For example, I do not need my device to tell me during the day if a certain door is open or closed.


You can use the “Alarm stragety of device” in YoLink app and set different alarm strageties for different sensors. 


  • Question: How can disable to notifications or disable the sensor during the day?


You can turn on “Do Not Disturb” on Profile -> Settings -> Alarm stragety of device, then set the time you do not want to get notifications. Please kindly note this function works for all the sensors.

If you want to disable the notifications for some of the sensors, you can set different alarm strageties for those sensors. 


  • Question: I am having trouble with the smart function and having automation. I am not able to set any behaviors. I can’t setup any automation with specifying a behavior. I hit the plus sign for a behavior and there is nothing I can do in that section. How do I select a behavior??????


The reason why you cannot choose smart automation is that you do not have smart action items or smart trigger devices.
For example, if you only have smart leak sensors. You can choose your water leak sensor as “IF”, but there is no device that works as “THEN”.
Please watch the following video about how to create automation in YoLink app.


  • Question: Can you point me towards more info/doc on setting up “scenes” and/or adding a behavior…like Day or Night settings?


To set up Scenes, you can press Smart -> Scene -> Press “+” to add -> Edit the name, Choose Icon, Add it to Favourite, then press “+” on Behavior to add devices and their actions.
You can watch the following video for detailed guide.


  • Question: I have downloaded the app on my phone and it is not letting me create an account. When I fill out the information and tap “Sign up for an account” nothing happens.


Could you please kindly check if the YoLink app is the latest version in the Apple Store?
In the latest version of the app, if there is a registration exception, a pop-up prompt will indicate the reason.
1. This name has been used
2. This E-mail has been registered.


  • Question: When I scan the QR code in the app I get an error message message “error! The device has been bound”. 


Can you please send us the screenshot after you scan the QR code to our email address service@yosmart.com?

We will unbound the device for you.


  • Question: How do I change my username?


YoLink app doesn’t support to change username, because username is the unique identification for individual users.
Instead of changing username, you can log out your account in app then sign up for a new account.


  • Question: why do you need access to my camera(s) for water detection app? and what camera?


The application program obtains the camera permission, in order to use the camera to scan the QR code of the device and add the device to the application program to automatically control the devices of the smart home. After adding the device, permission to stop the camera will not be affected.


  • Question: if I’m in a different state, will it send alerts to my phone?


Yes, no matter where you are, it will send alerts to your phone if your phone connects to the network.


  • Question: How often are there updates to the software?


Usually, we update the YoLink app every month.


  • Question: I connected the water sensor hub to ethernet cable. Then we lost power due to a storm, when power came back on and internet came back the hub went back on line that is good, but all the sensors are disconnected? So I need to go to each one and reconnect ?


All the sensors will be connected to the Internet automatically within 4 hours, or connected immediately by pressing the button.


  • Question: How to delete the device from app?


Please follow the steps as below.
1. Open YoLink app
2. All Devices – Tap the icon of device which you want to delete
3. Tap the top-right icon of 3 dots
4. Detail – Sliding down your phone screen till the end, you will find the delete button.