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Question: Can’t get notification when YoLink APP in background, until open it again.

Answer: Due to highly customized design of the Android phone system, when you swipe up an APP on the Recent View, the system will forcibly stop the APP. In the Android system, an app that is forcibly stopped cannot receive push messages. Thus when you want to exit YoLink APP, we recommend using the back or home button.

When the YoLink APP is running in the background, except responding to push messages, there will be no other actions, and no significant power and data consumption will be generated. Please rest assured.

We also recommend that you can add the YoLink APP to the background application whitelist to ensure that you can receive alarm messages from the device in a timely manner under any circumstances. This setting item is generally in the phone Settings -> Applications -> Self-starting Applications, or phone Settings -> Power -> APP Restrictions. If you can’t find the setting, please give us feedback and we will help you.