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YoLink Remote

  • Question: I’m just curious if you are using the YoLink Remote to control devices locally (say, a hand full of smart plugs) are those same devices still able to be controlled via the Hub and App or does pairing them with YoLink remote remove them from control via the hub?

Answer: You can use YoLink Remote to turn on or off the YoLink Plugs, pairing the plugs with YoLink remote will not remove them from control via the hub. The pairing of YoLink Remote and YoLink Plugs is under our special protocol, called the YoLink Control, device to device control, the YoLink Control works even without the hub and the internet connection. YoLink remote can control many YoLink devices once they are paired to each other. There are 5 groups button on each remote. You can set all your devices as 5 groups, for example: 10 plugs on upstairs as the first group, 5 devices in downstairs as the second group, etc. Once you push the first group button, You open all the devices on that group, vice versa. Please refer to the following video about how to use YoLink Remote https://youtu.be/mLfeVns7JgI  


  • Question: Can your remote Model: YS3603-UC control the door sensors and the Motion Sensor?

Answer: You cannot use YoLink Remote to control YoLink smart sensors.  


  • Question: Can the remote connect to more than one device?

Answer: Yes, the remote controller can connect up to 128 devices. It can be paired to 5 groups and turn on/off each group by press the 1 to 5 on/off button, you also can turn all on/off by pressing the all on/off button.