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YoLink Valve

  • Question: I have is a garden hose type valve that requires about 6-7 clockwise turns in order to shut off water completely to the whole house. Will this device work for me?


YoLink Smart Water Valve is compatible with Ball Valve only (clockwise/counterclockwise 90 degrees to open or close the Valve).
So it does not work on a garden hose style faucet valve (Requires about 7 clockwise rotations to close).


  • Question: Will this work with washing machines to shut of valves to both hot and cold water if have two of these?


Yes, it will work. But please make sure there is enough space for installing the valves controller in the area of your washing machine hot/cold water connectors. Normally there is limited space around the water connections in home washing machine.
Make sure that the handle of the YoLink Water/Gas Valve can be rotated 90 degrees; otherwise the valve cannot be fully opened or closed.


  • Question: Does this valve really have the torque to close a 1″ ball valve?


YoLink Smart Water/Gas Valve works well for 1/2 and 3/4 inch, works for some 1-inch pipe. And we will release a higher torque valve controller for 1-inch size pipe in the future.


  • Question: Does the water shut-off device shut off when the water sensor’s are tripped if there is no internet?


YoLink Control works even without the internet. That means without internet, when the water leak is detected, your YoLink Water Valve will be closed automatically.

Note: place the smart water/gas valve in the “off” position prior to pairing with the water leak sensor. The steps are as below. 

First, press and hold the set button on Water Leak Sensor for 5-10 seconds, the light will flash green quickly.

Second, press and hold the set button for 5-10 seconds, the light of the valve will flash blue quickly.

Third, after pairing succeed, the indicator light will stop flashing.

Then, When the Water Leak Sensor detects water, the Gas/Water Valve will automatically close.

Please refer to the following video https://youtu.be/5g42PHojFKM

And please kindly make sure your firmware of YoLink Water Valve has been updated to the new version. 


  • Question: My valve is in a location that cannot be accessed easily, and a fob would be vary convenient. Do you have a remote?


Yes, we have YoLink Remote which can turn on or off YoLink valve after pairing the YoLink Control which works even without the internet connection.


  • Question: Does it work with the Google Assistant?


The YoLink Smart Water/Gas Valve works with Google Assistant. You can use your voice commands to turn on or turn off the smart valve.


  • Question: Can this be powered by batteries, or does there have to be a 110v outlet near by?


We recommend power the YoLink Water/Gas Valve by the supplied power adapter.

YoLink Water/Gas Valve can be powered by 12V Accumulator Battery, but not built-in batteries.

There must be an outlet nearby if you use the power adapter. The power voltage is 12V DC. You can also use wires to extend the length of the power adapter.

Contact us for more details.


  • Question: I have installed the valve but it keeps making noise. 


We guess there might be the problem of installation of the YoLink Water Valve. Please kindly confirm the installation with the following user guide www.yosmart.com/support/YS4907-UC/docs/instruction

One of customers suggested that “I figured out the problem, it turned out that as the clamp was tightened it moved out of alignment slightly (not easy to see the bolt alignment) I added a spacer to the fitting and was able to correct the alignment.”


  • Question: Does not shut the valve off in the off position 100%. How do I make the adjustment?


  1. The Water Valve is opened/closed at 90 degree. Please confirm that the ball valve is opened/closed at 90 degree. The two opening/closing operations should be consistent.
  2. Please check the installation of the water valve and keep the centerline of the Rocker Arm parallel to the centerline of the water pipe when the Water Valve is opened.

Could you please kindly confirm and adjust the installation of your YoLink valve? 


  • Question: How long is the electrical cord on the valve?


YoLink Water/Gas Valve uses the 12VDC power supply which is provided by the AC/DC power adapter. The cord of the adapter is around 6 feet.


  • Question: How much torque (in Newton meters) can the motor apply?




  • Question: Can the power supply to the smart water valve be extended to 35 feet using properly sized extension wiring?


Yes, YoLink Water/Gas Valve can be extended to 35 feet using properly sized extension wiring.


  • Question: Can your smart water valve be used outdoors in an underground junction box?


The YoLink Smart Valve can be used in the junction box.
The Wiring within 10 meters is guaranteed and can make sure power on the valve.
However, if the wiring length is too long, please confirm whether the smart valve can be opened/closed normally after connecting the power.

YoLink Smart Valve is compatible with Ball Valve only (clockwise/counterclockwise 90 degrees to open or close the Valve).


  • Question:  If power is out, and the home experiences a flood because of which the water main requires turn-off – what are the emergency steps to get the YoLink valve of the watervalve?


There is a pull ring under the YoLink valve.

Pull down to turn the YoLink valve manually without disassembling the device.


  • Question: Is this waterproof? can it be buried? my only water cutoff valve is at the curb. i can provide buried, 5 volt dc power.


No, it is not waterproof, the power of the devices is 12VDC.

The waterproof battery powered water cutoff valve controller is under development, it will be released next year.