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Starter Kit


Smart Home Starter Kit, YoLink 1/4 Mile World’s Longest Range Wireless Door Sensor, Water Leak Sensor, and Smart Plug Compatible with Amazon Alexa IFTTT, Smart Home Security Kit, YoLink Hub Included


  • 10 times Longer Range – Powered by LoRa technology, YoLink brings the longest receiving range (1/4 mile) in the market. Our long coverage enables its use in hard-to-reach areas such as basement, porch, guest suite, barns, greenhouse, etc.
  • 5 times Longer Battery life – YoLink Water Leak Sensor and YoLink Door Sensor are powered by 2 Alkaline AAA included batteries with 5 years of battery life compared to 1 year of other top brands
  • Work With Alexa – YoLink Smart Plug works flawlessly with Alexa, you can turn on or off your lamp plugged into YoLink Plug Mini without ever leaving your bed or touching your phone
  • Get voice announcements when the door is opened or closed or when the water leakage is detected
  • Immediate Alerts – Get instant phone alerts at the first sign of excess water or moisture to prevent leaks and flooding
  • Security Alerts – When your door opens or closes, receive alerts in real-time by setting up customized notifications
  • Conveniently check history logs for your smart door window sensor, water leak sensor, and smart plug mini
  • Home Automation – Make “IF THIS THEN THAT” rules through Yolink App, such as “If the door sensor detects open, then plug mini turns on”
  • YoLink Water Leak Sensor, Smart Plug and Door Sensor work with IFTTT, you can create “IF THIS THEN THAT” via IFTTT


“YoLink” is a proprietary wireless technology provided by YoSmart. which is based on the Semtech’s LoRa wireless technology combined with the YoSmart smart home/building protocol, to provide the most advanced smart home/building devices solution. Compared to WIFI, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Z-Wave, and other smart home protocols, it has the advantages of low-power consumption, long-distance coverage (wall penetration), and anti-interference. It is the first smart building/home protocol that can be very easily setup and is a very low cost but creates a reliable, robust, and more secure IoT network.

With YoLink APP and YoLink Hub, you can also control or monitor other YoLink smart home devices, like Garage Door kit, Plugs, Buttons, Smart Lock, Remote Controls, Switches, Outlets, Power Strip, Gas/Water Valves, Sensors and more. You can set scenes, automation, and YoLink Control between devices and devices, to build your own smart home system making your house smart.

YoLink Hub – The Central Controller for the rest of YoLink Devices

Give you control over a wide range of connected devices, all from your smartphone and tablet; Does not interfere or compete with WI-FI. No need to be a network admin or add expensive repeaters. YoLink automatically creates its own network and repeats signals; Strong anti-interference from microwaves and WiFi or signal blockades like concrete, masonry, or steel studs… Efficiently decrease attenuation through physical barriers to reach the ability of 3 walls; One YoLink Hub can connect more than 200 devices, to fulfill our “One House, One App” smart home mission; Transparent hub means you can add one or more YoLink Hubs to expand signal coverage

YoLink Smart Window & Door Sensor – App Monitoring, Work with Alexa and IFTTT

YoLink Door Sensor will detect the opening and closing of your door and send alert or trigger action. This device can also be applied to windows, drawers, boxes, or other stuff that you want to monitor on and off or trigger a certain action.

YoLink Smart Water Leak Sensor – App Monitoring, Work with Alexa and IFTTT

Water Leak Sensor is widely used in water leak detection. There will have an alert when any of the three sets of probes were under the water. Download YoLink App, add Water Leak Sensor to your smart home system, which will able to monitor your home’s security in real-time.

YoLink Smart Plug Mini – APP Remote Control, Work with Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT

YoLink Plug Mini turns a typical electrical wall outlet into a multi-function smart outlet. You can easily control lights and home electric devices via YoLink App on your iOS or Android device. This Mini Plug also supports voice control by Alexa or Google Assistant.

Product Requirements: A smartphone or tablet able to run iOS 9 or higher; Android 4.4 or higher.

YoLink Hub
Input: 5V DC
Maximum Current: 1A
Working Temperature: -20°C~50°C (-4°F~104°F)
Working Humidity: 0~90% (non-condensing)

YoLink Door Sensor
Voltage: 3V DC (2* AAA battery)
Trigger Distance: 18-25mm
Working Temperature: 0°C~40°C (32°F~104°F)
Working Humidity: 10%~90% (non-condensing)

YoLink Water Leak Sensor
Voltage: 3V DC (2 – AAA battery)
Working Temperature: 0°C~50°C (32°F~122°F)
Working Humidity: ≤100%RH (non-condensing)

YoLink Smart Plug Mini
Input: 100-120V AC, 60Hz
Output: 100-120V AC, 10A MAX (Resistive)
Working Temperature: -20°C ~ 45°C
Working Humidity: ≤80%
Dimension: 69.9 * 39.8 * 31.4 (mm)

Package Content:
1 x YoLink Hub
1 x YoLink Door Sensor
1 x YoLink Water Leak Sensor
1 x YoLink Smart Plug Mini
1 x Quick User Guide of YoLink Hub (please click User Guide YS1603-UC to get detailed electrical user guide.)
1 x Quick User Guide of Door Sensor (please click User Guide YS7704-UC to get detailed electrical user guide.)
1 x Quick User Guide of Leak Sensor (please click User Guide YS7903-UC to get detailed electrical user guide.)
1 x Quick User Guide of Plug Mini (please click User Guide YS6604-UC to get detailed electrical user guide.)