YoSmart Sprinkle Controller

The YoSmart Sprinkler Controller is designed to allow users to control and schedule their water sprinkler systems. It reads from real-time weather APIs to automatically delay watering if there has been recent rain in the area. YoSmart Sprinkler Controller supports six watering zones.

  • Built-in RF communication module.
  • Six watering zones and different planning in four seasons.
  • Four kinds of watering mode: auto watering, rain delay, manual watering and remote control.
  • Low power consumption and high anti-jamming capability.
  • Widely used for residential, garden, greenhouse and urban greening.

Product details

  • Model: KT-SC-U01W
  • Voltage: AC 24V
  • Communication: YoLink
  • Size: 130*154*28mm
  • Weight: 177g
  • Color: White