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Alexa Integration

  • Question: How to use YoLink with Alexa?


Please download YoLink App first, and add YoLink devices to the YoLink App

Then connect YoLink with Alexa. Please follow the below steps.

  1. Open Alexa app
  2. Find skills store in Alexa App
  3. Search “YoLink Skill”
  4. Please enable “YoLink Skill” at first
  5. After enabling, you will connect your YoLink account with Alexa
  6. Discover devices, then your devices which work with Alexa in your YoLink account will sync to the Alexa App
  7. Then you can create routines or use voice control with Alexa.

For the best user experience, we recommend you use the Group on Alexa-device to manage your devices.

Please kindly note if there are new or deleted devices in the YoLink account, you will need to resynchronize the device list (discover device to sync).

Please refer https://youtu.be/gr9MpQi2Vwo to learn how to connect with Alexa.


  • Question: Cannot link to Alexa


The general reason for “cannot link to Alexa” is related to the Alexa language setting.

You need to change the language to EN (English) in the Alexa App.


  • Question: The problem is in both Alexa and IFTTT, when I go to connect the YoLink service, it’s asking for a Username and Password for YoSmart. 


We are really sorry for the misleading request. YoSmart is the first generation smart home products of YoSmart company, and YoLink is the second generation. Both YoSmart and YoLink are brands of YoSmart Company.
Please do connect your YoLink Account with Alexa and IFTTT.


  • Question: I am trying to find a way to have Echo store the sensor’s alert and display the yellow indicator so that when I ask Alexa what are my notification it would play “YoLink sensor found motion”


Use YoLink Device event to triggers Alexa Notification:

1: Turn on the “Notify Me” skill on Alexa and grant Alexa Notification permission.
2: On IFTTT, create Applets – IF (select YoLink Device event), THEN (select Send Alexa Notification of “Notify My Echo”).


  • Question: I can not find the YoLink Skill in Alexa. The Alexa skill is not available abroad?


To use it abroad of US now, please set your Alexa account to US country. We are in the process of publishing the YoLink Alexa Skills globally. After the YoLink skill is published globally, you can set your Alexa account to abroad again.