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Door Sensor

  • Question: Why is this sensor not sending an alarm when the door is opened or closed?


Really sorry YoLink Door Sensor itself does not alarm. It only sends push notifications.
It works with Alexa, so you can create routines to get voice announcements. You can visit https://youtu.be/cLFCb2TI2fY on Part 5 – Alexa Integration to know how to create routines on Alexa App for your Door Sensor. We have released a YoLink Siren Alarm which works with YoLink Sensors and sends audible alarms. Its Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0887SMPKK

What’s more, the reason why the door sensor an audible alarm build-in are primarily that it is designed for the batter to last 5 or more years, and secondarily, if the door sensor is placed remotely, the sound may not be heard all the time.

Therefore, we have made the YoLink Siren Alarm, which can support up to 128 YoLink Sensors. The Siren Alarm can be placed wherever you like. When the door is opened or closed, the Siren Alarm will emit an loud sound so that you will never miss any unexpected intrusion.
At the same time, the Siren Alarm can also be linked to YoLink motion sensors or YoLink water leak sensors. Even when the internet or the power is off (need extra 2*AAA Alkaline Batteries), the Siren Alarm can still work normally with YoLink door sensor using our unique YoLink Control.

If you are using the Android system, you can set the ring for your App notification on your phone settings -> Sound and Notification; Apple has disabled this notification setting.


  • Question: Are the sensors weatherproof? / Are these for outdoor use


Sorry, YoLink Door Sensor is not weatherproof or waterproof. If you use it outdoors, protect it from getting wet.


  • Question: The Hub shows online but the door sensors still show offline. Any suggestions?


Really sorry for the problem caused.

  1. Please check the network status of the YoLink Hub to see if the Hub is online
  2. Please check as follows,
    (1) Press the SET button of the door sensor to check whether the LED indicator of the device has a light: red light flashes once/green light flashes
    a. Red light flashes once: check whether the door sensor is working normally, the operation has no specific meaning
    b. Green light flashes: the door sensor is connecting to the internet
    (2) If there is no light, the door sensor battery may be dead or too low. If that is the case, can you please replace the battery? You can refer to the video https://youtu.be/UbuE2_ukrU4 for how to replace it.
    After replacing the battery, press the SET button to re-connect to the internet
    (3) Please check in the YoLink App to see if the display status of the device changes, or the device is online
  3. Please check the communication environment between the door sensor and the YoLink Hub.
    How long is the distance between the door sensor and the Hub?
    Any obstacles between the door sensor and the Hub?
    Please avoid placing the door sensor in semi-closed/restricted scenarios such as underground wells/pits.
    The signal strength has a direct relationship to the placement position.
  4. If none of those solve the problem, please contact us at service@yosmart.com.


  • Question: Can the door/window sensor work without the Hub?


YoLink devices including YoLink sensors need a YoLink Hub. YoLink Hub is used as the central controller to connecting devices to the internet and the cloud.

The YoLink App functions and the integration with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT work through YoLink Cloud. So YoLink Hub is required for YoLink Door Sensor.

With YoLink Hub, the YoLink Door Sensor can be used to detect the open or close of your doors, windows, and so on. Also, with YoLink Hub, YoLink Door Sensor will work with Alexa and IFTTT, you can create routines at Alexa App, and create “IF THIS THEN THAT” via IFTTT App.


  • Question: Does it matter which sensor part is at the door? Can I stick the bigger sensor to the door? Also, what are the measures of each part? 


Please refer to the following steps to install your YoLink Door Sensor.

1, Install the large part – the sensor on the door frame (the side that does not move)
2. Install the small part – the magnet on the door (the side that is frequently moving)
3. Align the semi-circle on the sensor with the semi-circle on the magnet.
4. keep the distance between the sensor and the magnet less than 18mm when closed.
Please kindly refer to https://youtu.be/cLFCb2TI2fY on Part 2 – Installation to get the detailed information.


  • Question: I’d like to purchase several sensors for my doors and windows. But, I’m a little worried they won’t fit – can you let me know the size of these: 


YoLink door sensor will work on all types of doors and windows if the installation of the door sensor is completed correctly.
The YoLink door sensor comes with two parts, a sensor (31*83*15mm) and a magnet (11*63*12mm).
You can visit https://youtu.be/cLFCb2TI2fY on Part 2 – Installation to get detailed information.


  • Question: Can my son turn off the sensor with the button on it and if so will I get a notification?


Long press the SET button for 20-25 seconds will turn off the device, then you might not receive notifications. You will not get a notification if the device goes offline, but the sensor will be shown as OFFLINE on the app.


  • Question: Does this sensor use a NC (normally-closed) reed switch?


The YoLink Door Sensor uses a normally-open reed switch.


  • Question: If I am not at home will I still be notified if my door is opened?


Yes, you will. Please kindly confirm you have turned on the notifications, first. There are three places related to the notifications.

Firstly, the device alert in the detail page, the door sensor supports 4 types of alert settings: Don’t Alert/Door is opened/Door is closed/Door is opened or closed. The default setting is “Door is opened or closed”, and the default alert is turned on.

Secondly, the alarm strategy – you can set different strategies for different sensors.

Thirdly, the advanced settings in your profile.


  • Question: The text messages for the open/close door only notifies me when the door is opened not closed


The SMS notifications will incur extra fees from mobile carriers. Some customers suggested reducing unnecessary notifications to reduce this charge. The SMS notifications only push the open alert.


  • Question: Just bought YoLink Hub and two door sensors. I have them setup and working, but I am having trouble with the smart function and automation. I am not able to set any behaviors. I can’t setup any automation with specifying a behavior. I hit the plus sign for a behavior and there is nothing I can do in that section. How do I select a behavior??????


Door sensors, alone, cannot set up smart automation in the YoLink App. The Door Sensor may only work as a trigger device (the “IF”) – you must have a device for the “THEN”
If you have the YoLink door sensor and the YoLink smart plug mini, you can choose IF “Door Sensor – Door open” then “Plug Mini – Turn on”.
Please watch the following video about how to create automations in YoLink App.

YoLink Door Sensor works with Alexa, you can create routines in Alexa to get voice announcements, and you can check the status for your sensor; YoLink Door Sensor works with IFTTT, if you have any other smart action devices like smart plugs, you can use your door sensor to trigger them.
About how to create routines in Alexa and how to connect to IFTTT, please visit https://youtu.be/cLFCb2TI2fY on Part 4 – Alexa Integration, Part 5 – IFTTT Integration.


  • Question: Is there a way to have one of the sensors activate a chime? An outdoor chime that notifies people that the gate was opened. A chime, not a siren


Sorry we did not have chime for the YoLink Door Sensor at present. We have a YoLink Siren Alarm which works with YoLink Sensors and sends audio alarms. Its Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0887SMPKK
YoLink Door Sensor works with Alexa and IFTTT. If you have a chime supporting Alexa or IFTTT, you can create routines to let the YoLink Door Sensor to trigger the chime in Alexa App, or create applets to let YoLink Door Sensor to trigger the chime in IFTTT App.


  • Question: Is there any way to instantly alert you if the door is left open?


If you set the “Open Remind” to “1 minute” that means you will receive notifications when the door remains open for 1 minute. You can set the “Open Remind” from 20 seconds to 5 minutes…
Also, you can set the “Continuous Alarm” from 10-60 minutes for “Open Remind”.


  • Question: Can I set door kept open with Alexa?


You can set the open and closed alert via the YoLink App, and set routines via the Alexa App to get voice notifications when a door is opened, or closed. When you get open or closed alerts from the from YoLink App, Alexa will notify you.
The open alert will also send to Alexa when you choose door sensor opened a trigger.
Currently Alexa only supports open/close alerts for the YoLink Door Sensor, but we have forwarded your feedback to the Alexa Team as this is a function belonging to Alexa.


  • Question: We’re hoping to alert with our existing Google Home Minis 


I am sorry the YoLink Door Sensor works with Google Assistant, but you can only query the status of your door sensor, and cannot get voice announcements.
Only Alexa can give you voice announcements when the door is opened or closed. You can create routines for your door sensor in Alexa App.


  • Question: Can this system be armed and work as a home alarm system?


Many customers use YoLink System as home alarm system. YoLink Door Sensor itself does not alarm, it sends App push notifications, Email notifications and SMS notifications. You can also set alarm “strategies” for different sensors within the YoLink App.
Team up your door sensors with the YoLink Siren Alarm (www.amazon.com/dp/B0887SMPKK), then you will get audible alarms.
In the app, you can easily set different alarm strategies with different schedules for different sensors or different group of sensors. YoLink is the only system which works well for multiple locations. For example, you can trigger you home siren alarm when your vacation home or office’s door sensor is opened or closed; you can turn on your office desk light when your home’s garage door is opened.
YoLink Door Sensor also works with Alexa, so you can create routines to get voice announcements. You can visit https://youtu.be/AJWtX-9amDU on Part 5 – Alexa Integration to learn how to create routines on Alexa App for your Door Sensor.
Add extra YoLink Smart Sensors like Motion Sensor, Water Leak Sensor… and YoLink Smart Plugs… to build up your independent smart home system


  • Question: Do you make a weatherproof version of this door sensor yet? If not now, when?


We don’t have a waterproof door sensor yet. We will release the weatherproof door sensor later in 2021. 


  • Question: Can I set door left open at IFTTT?


We’re really sorry, but IFTTT does not support the Door Sensor option “Door left open”.