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Garage Door Kit

  • Question: Regarding your Garage Door Kit: I do not see the Chamberlain LiftMaster Professional Formula I listed as a compatible unit. It says right on the unit that it is a residential opener, despite its name. Built in 2002. Are you able to confirm one way or another if this is a compatible unit with your system?


YoLink garage door kit like most garage door controllers on the market, is suitable for most old and some newer garage door openers. You can use a metal jumper to temporarily short the two terminals which are connected to your garage door operator button. It this triggers the opening/closing/resolving of the garage door, it will work; otherwise, it will not.

YoLink garage door kit has the longest wireless coverage and also comes with the garage door sensor compared with other brands of garage door controllers.

If YoLink garage door kit does not work with your garage door opener, we recommend that you use YoLink Garage Door Kit 2.

YoLink garage door kit 2 – the finger kit is 100% compatible with all garage door openers. It uses a motorized finger to actuate the garage door operator button. It is battery powered and does not require wires or installation tools.


  • Question: Is your remote garage door opener compatible with roll up door motors? I have an Elsamec (Italian motor) for roll up door. 


YoLink garage door kit is not compatible with your door motors. YoLink garage door kit 2 including YoLink Finger and Garage Door Sensor 2 may be compatible with your roll-up door motors.

The YoLink Finger presses the wall button, garage door opener, remote control or garage door panel. If you use YoLink Finger for this operation, there should be no problem. We have recorded a video, you can visit https://youtu.be/A4BZUX2VA0c

You can find our YoLink Finger and Garage Door Kit with Hub on Amazon Link https://www.amazon.com/dp/B085Y1YG9Y


  • Question: My device is not showing on Alexa?


Some notes about using Garage Door Sensor and Garage Door Controller on Alexa-

1, when Garage Door Sensor is bound to Garage Door Controller, there will be two devices on Alexa app. Alexa refers to opening or closing a garage door as “unlocking/locking”. As for Garage Door Controller, you can use Voice Control to lock or unlock; or create routines to lock.

As for the garage door sensor, you can create routines to get voice announcements through Alexa app; use Alexa to check its status.

Please note, Garage Door Controller is supported to create Routines for Locking the device only, unlocking is not supported, for security reason.

2, About Discover device, only when the garage door sensor is bound to Garage Door Controller before adding to Alexa app, the Garage Door Sensor and Garage Door Controller will both work with Alexa.

If the Garage Door Sensor is not bound to Garage Door Controller before adding to Alexa app, only Garage Door Sensor will work with Alexa. You can bind the garage door sensor and garage door controller in the YoLink app, then use Alexa to discover devices or re-link the YoLink app account to Alexa.

For the best user experience, we recommend using Groups on you Alexa device to manage your devices.

Please refer to How to set up YoLink Garage Door Kit on Part 5 – Alexa Integration.


  • Question: I already have awireless controller which works with in car remotes but I want the capability to open via phone app. Can I use yours in parallel?


Yes, it will not affect your current system at all.


  • Question: I have a YS4906-UC_YS7705-UC Garage Door Kit that I installed on a Chamberlain HD220 garage door opener. When I command the door to open or close, the controller light briefly blinks green, and I hear a relay close inside of it. The door will not open or close, but the garage door opener has lit up/down buttons, and the buttons will flash, indicating that the controller signal was seen. I believe that the controller is not sending a long enough close event on the signal wires to trigger the door to open or close. Is there a way to increase the relay contact duration? I am running firmware 0609 (previously 0606).


Could you please confirm the following information?

  1. When the garage door controller is not connected, can the garage door be controlled normally? If not, please check if the garage door is installed correctly?
  2. Please try to press the “O/C” button on the garage door controller to see if it can open or close the garage door. If not, please check whether the wiring is correct.

(1) If the wiring is wrong, please adjust the wiring. Please kindly refer to the user guide for the installation guide on Page 13-21.
(2) If the wiring is correct but the garage door cannot be controlled, please kindly contact us.


  • Question: Does it work with the Google Assistant?


YoLink Garage Door Kit including YoLink Garage Door Controller and Garage Door Sensor work with Google Assistant.

Please kindly note, only when the Garage Door Controller is paired with the garage door sensor, will the two devices be found and work with Google Assistant.

If the garage door controller is not paired with the garage door sensor, please kindly pair in the YoLink app at first, and then discover new devices to sync the two devices in Google Home.

You can use Google Assistant to open or close your garage door, and check the status of your garage door.


  • Question: I am trying to trigger my YoLink Garage Door Controller with IFTTT, but none of the triggers seem to work with the Garage Door. Under device they all say ‘Options unavailable’.


For security reasons, we did not integrate the YoLink Garage Door Controller with IFTTT.

Only Garage Door Sensor works with IFTTT. Garage Door Sensor works as the trigger service, it can work as “IF” in IFTTT.

Please watch the following video for how to integrate Garage Door Sensor with IFTTT  (on Part 6 – IFTTT Integration).


  • Question: I don’t need to control my garage door since I work from home. Just want to see if it’s open or closed. So, I need to order a garage door kit for each garage door, correct?


Yes, you need to order a garage door kit for each garage door. In addition, if you only need to detect the opening or closing of the garage door, you can add a YoLink Garage Door Sensor for each garage door.


  • Question: I thought of building in a universal remote directly into a YoLink garage controller so that it can send the remote signal directly, so there are no wires. Has YoLink considered this solution for a future product?


You can connect your wired garage door controller directly to a universal remote, and you need to solder the two output signal wires of the wired garage door controller to the two solder pins on the universal remote-control button.

Please note:

  1. Most of the buttons of the universal remote control have 4 soldering feet, which are divided into two conductive groups. For example, if the welding feet 1, 3 are connected, and the welding feet 2, 4 are connected, the wired garage door is connected. Two signal wires are soldered to one of the 1 or 3 solder legs, and the other is soldered to the 2 or 4 solder legs
  2. If the two wires are welded to the same group of conduction, for example, welded to 1, 3, then when the wired garage door controller signal comes, there will be no response.