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In-Wall Outlet

  • Question: For the smart in wall outlet, can it carry 20 amps?


The maximum current of YoLink In-wall Outlet is 15 Amps. It cannot carry 20 amps.


  • Question: Can you tell me how to use YoLink Wall Plug?


Please kindly refer to the user guide and video guide.


  • Question: Just to be sure if my Wi-Fi goes down I would still be able to control my devices with this product.


If you have the YoLink Hub connected to your internet through wired ethernet cable, even your Wi-Fi is down, you still can control the In-Wall plug. If all Internet including wired Ethernet is down, you cannot control the wall plug with your smartphone, but you can still use the YoLink Remote to control the wall plug.


  • Question: My smart plug is on a schedule to turn off my coffee pot each morning at 10am. Now it is turning off at 9am even though the app still shows 10am.


Please click “Sync with Mobile” on the Detail page of YoLink App.