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In-Wall Switch

  • Question: I need to replace a 3-way switch with the smart in wall switch but can’t find directions on how to do the install. Can you please send them?


There are two solutions to use YoLink In-wall Switch to replace a Three-way Switch.

Solution 1, Use one YoLink In-wall Switch as the light control and another YoLink In-wall Switch as the mutual control device.

1) Use a YoLink In-wall Switch as the lamp switch (switch A), you can directly control the lamp on/off.

2) Use one or more YoLink In-wall Switches to connect to the power supply only, create a pairing relationship with switch A, and act as a control device for switch A (only as a control device). About how to create a pairing relationship between YoLink In-wall Switches, please find it in the user guide on Page 23 – Pairing.


Solution 2, Use a traveler line to connect two YoLink In-Wall Switches together through Live terminal.

1) Use a YoLink In-wall Switch to connect directly to the lamp

2) Use one or more YoLink In-wall Switches to connect the live terminal through the traveler line, each YoLink In-wall Switch needs to be connected to the neutral line.

And please kindly refer to the installation part (P8-13) on the user guide before installation.

Please kindly note:

  1. The maximum resistive load of YoLink Switch is 10A/110V.
  2. YoLink Switch is a single-bit switch. If you use it to replace a multi-gang switch, the original multiple switch button control will become a switch button control, and no longer supports single button control by region
  3. The multi-gang switch has multiple wiring harnesses connected to the lamp. Replaced by YoLink Switch, the multiple wiring harnesses need to be connected to one terminal at the same time. The standard specifications of the wire (the wire that can pass 10A current) may not fit into the screw together.


  • Question: I have no neutral wire, will the in-wall switch work?


Really sorry, the YoLink In-wall switch needs a neutral wire for installation.
YoLink In-wall Switch is a zero fire switch, it can be used only with neutral input and live input.
As for a single fire switch with Hot Line only, no Neutral line, our product is not applicable.


  • Question: How about the In-wall Switch, does it works on 230V mains?


The working voltage for YoLink In-Wall Switch is 100-240V AC.


  • Question: Will you ever come out with a Dimmer Switch device?


The dimmer light switch is on our road map. It will be released next year.


  • Question: Can the YS5705-UC perform as a programmable timer?


There are a lot of functions for the YoLink In-wall Switch.
You can remotely turn it on or off through YoLink app.
It has schedule & timer function, just as you mentioned.
You can set up smart scene and automation for the In-wall Switch in the YoLink app.
In addition, it works with Alexa, Google Assistant, you can use your voice commands to turn it on or off.
It works with IFTTT; you can create your own Applets via IFTTT for the In-wall Switch.
And we have YoLink Control, which means that even if the Internet is down, you can use the additional YoLink Remote to turn the smart switch on or off.
Please watch the following video about its functions and the integration with Alexa, Google, and IFTTT


  • Question: My smart switch is on a schedule to turn off my coffee pot each morning at 10am. Now it is turning off at 9am even though the app still shows 10am.


Please click “Sync with Mobile” on the Detail page of YoLink App.