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IR Remote

  • Question: Can it be set up with a ceiling fan? 


YoLink Smart IR Remote copies all frequency of 38k infrared remote. If your ceiling fan is controlled by a 38k infrared remote control, this Smart IR Remote can replace the remote control.
If you only need to turn the ceiling fan on or off, you can use the YoLink smart plug or YoLink power strip or YoLink wall outlet to turn it on or off remotely from the YoLink App on your smartphone or tablet.


  • Question: I have the IR remote and it does not get discovered by Alexa, why?


Really sorry, YoLink Smart IR Remote is not compatible with Alexa.


  • Question: I am having trouble connecting my YoLink IR remote to my air conditioner. Do you have information on how to do this?


YoLink Smart IR Remote is a learning-type infrared transponder. There are no preset remote control buttons, and during the installation process by the user, the IR remote must “learn” the IR signals of the air conditioner.

YoLink Smart IR Remote Supports any frequency of 38k infrared remote control.

Since the key code value of the air conditioner remote control contains a set of data (mode, temperature, etc.), if you are learning the air conditioner remote control, one key corresponds to a set of operations.

After successful learning, you can use the YoLink IR remote to control the air conditioner remotely from the YoLink App on your smartphone.