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Other Questions

  • Question: What is the warranty on YoLink products?


YoLink products have 2 years warranty for all battery powered devices and 1 year warranty for non-battery powered devices.


  • Question: Is the geographic restriction a legal restriction or does the unit not function?


YoLink products and YoLink system will run anywhere, but our current available products on Amazon are only legally certified in the United States and Canada using 915MHz frequencies.

Next year, we will expand YoLink products to Europe and other regions. In order to fully support different countries/regions, we need to update hardware and software to meet wireless regulations in different countries/regions.


  • Question: If our mailbox is at the end of the road about .2 miles away, will a motion detector reach a Hub in our home?


YoLink sensors have been tested and can work normally at an outdoor distance of 300 meters. 0.2 miles is approaching range. If there are no objects between your mailbox and the placed Hub, it should work well.

In the open air, the communication distance between the YoLink Hub and the YoLink devices is 1,000 feet; if the distance exceeds 1,000ft, you need to add a YoLink Hub and configure the network (wired/2.4G Wi-Fi) at the same time. The maximum distance between the YoLink Hub and nearby YoLink devices is 1,000 feet.


  • Question: why LoRa matches smart home demand, but there are very few companies in use?


The main reason is that LoRa wireless communication technology was launched late, and was originally designed for LPWAN (Low Power WAN), so there is no early planning and layout in smart homes. We are the first company in the world to introduce this technology.  This technology has entered the smart home industry. Before LoRa entered the smart home industry, wireless communication technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and ZigBee had been used on a large scale, and industry alliances had been formed, with a relatively good industrial chain and low hardware costs, which attracted more investment from companies. But we believe that LoRa is more satisfactory due to low power consumption and remote needs of smart homes, and we thank customers for their recognition in this regard. (Please note that more and more companies are using LoRa in smart homes and smart buildings.)


  • Question: Do you have any security cameras?


The YoLink camera is under development and we are not yet sure about the specific release date.


  • Question: Can you consider to make smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector?


We will develop a smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector listener soon (next year).

The listener will monitor the most popular smoke and carbon detectors on the market, which is an easy way to integrate current smoke/carbon detectors into the YoLink system.

In addition, YoLink smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are also in our plan, which will be released in 2021.


  • Question: Do you have an outdoor motion sensor?


The outdoor motion sensor is still being tested and is undergoing FCC certification. Since the certification process may take several months, we estimate that it will be launched on the market early next year.


  • Question: It would be helpful if you added Apple HomeKit support to your YoLink devices.


We regret to say that we do not support this feature so far.


  • Question: Why I can’t use them with OpenHAB?


Sorry, YoLink does not support OpenHAB.


  • Question:  Can I connect the YoLink Hub to my existing system using a private MQTT Pub/Sub broker?


Sorry, YoLink does not offer MQTT support.


  • Question: Can the YoLink Sensor connect to Siri?


YoLink series products cannot directly use Siri for voice control, but the YoLink system can be integrated into Alexa, and Alexa can use Siri for voice control, so currently, Siri’s voice can only be used through Alexa.

It is also our goal and direction to directly control YoLink products through Siri and bypass third-party platforms. We will work hard for this and never stop.


  • Question: I currently have ADT and all their door and window sensors. Can I link these current sensors with your alarm system?


Sorry, YoLink is an independent smart home system. It cannot be used with other systems.

But YoLink smart products (plugs, switches, outlets…) work with Alexa and IFTTT, if your ADT sensor works with Alexa and IFTTT, you can create routines in Alexa or set up applets in IFTTT , So that the ADT sensor can trigger the YoLink device.

Please note: YoLink sensors can be used as trigger devices. Only YoLink devices (such as smart switches/plugs/outlets) can be used as operating devices.


  • Question: I just wanted to know will your devices work in countries that have 240v power?


YoLink Hub, water leak sensor, door sensor, motion sensor and all other battery-powered devices work in 240V countries. Wall switches, Outlets and Smart Plugs cannot be used in 240V countries/regions.