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Temperature & Humidity Sensor

  • Question: The temperature sensor is just set, however when sensor updates temperature and RH, it is not reflected on app.


Temperature and humidity value will update when one of the following conditions is met: 

  1. Pressing the SET button on the device
  2. There is at least 1.8°F(1°C) change of temperature in more than 1 minute
  3. There is at least 3.6°F(2°C) change of temperature in 1 minute
  4. There is at least 5% change of humidity in more than 1 minute
  5. Device alerts or alert clears
  6. You will need to wait an hour for temperature and humidity to be updated automatically if the above conditions were not occurred


  • Question: I have set the alert at 99 Fahrenheit but it does not work.


After setting the alert value, please press the SET button of the device twice, and then re-enter the setting page to view the alert value setting result. The steps are as below.

  1. After setting the alert, please press “✔” to confirm the alert.
  2. Since this smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor will upload data every hour when the temperature change is below 1.8°F. Therefore, after confirming the alarm, please press the “Set” button on the Temperature and Humidity Sensor to uplink the alert information down to the sensor. Or, you will wait up to 1 hour, and then the smart sensor will downlink the alert setting.
  3. Then go back to alert settings page to ensure that the alert has been sent successfully.


  • Question: what setting controls whether I view degree F or Degree C. 3/20 show F, the other 17 show Celsius?


You can switch the display unit of temperature on the device screen as needed. The default display unit of temperature is “Fahrenheit”.

Press the SET button on the device, the temperature unit will change to “Celsius”. By pressing the SET button repeatedly, you can switch the temperature unit between “Fahrenheit” and “Celsius”.


  • Question: Will this work outside in the weather?


YoLink Smart Temperature & Humidity Sensor is not waterproof.
Its working temperature is -10°C~50°C (14°F~122°F), its working humidity is 0%~100% non-condensing.
You can try to wrap the sensor and keep it away from water. And keep it away from high and low temperatures. Then it might work outside.


  • Question: I bought this temperature humidity sensor to give me alerts and have the ability to set up a routine on Alexa, or if this happens on IFTTT but I don’t see a way to do either. I kind of wanted Alexa to change house temperature when sensor hits certain humidity areas but all Alexa can see is temperature.


As for the Alexa function, it does not support Temperature Sensor as a conditional trigger on creating routines at present, and it ONLY supports asking for the value of the temperature.


  • Question: How to switch the temperature broadcast method from Alexa?


Alexa’s temperature broadcast method is to automatically select Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature according to the usage habits of the user’s area.
You can find it in settings -> Alexa on this phone -> device settings -> measurement units.


  • Question: How to use the temperature sensor on IFTTT?


Please visit the following video on Part 5 – IFTTT Integration for how to create IF THIS THEN THAT for YoLink Temperature & Humidity Sensor.


  • Question: I can not get my “Smart Temperature Humidity Sensor” to connect to my Google Home account.


We regret to tell you Temperature Humidity Sensor doesn’t support Google Home due to Google Home’s current limitations.


  • Question: I am using in a freezer. The minimum temp setting on the alarm is -14F, but my freezer is at -10F. So, it always alarms. Are you planning to update the app soon? 


The alert range of YoLink Smart Temperature & Humidity Sensor in YoLink APP is -30 ~ 70°C, ±0.3°C (-22 ~ 158°F, ±0.54°F).

The battery working temperature for YoLink Temperature & Humidity Sensor is -10~50°C (14~122°F). The battery will significantly reduce the capacity at low temperatures and may explode at high temperatures, which will have a significant impact on the equipment. For a wide temperature range (out of operating temperature), it is recommended to use AAA lithium batteries.


  • Question: Can the temp sensor be calibrated?


The YoLink temperature and Humidity sensor is very accurate.
It is already fully calibrated at the factory and the temperature sensor accuracy is more than 0.3 degree Celsius and the humidity sensor accuracy is more than 3%.
You can also recalibrate through YoLink App.


  • Question: It is very hard to read and control the triggers from the app. Any tricks?


 Long pressing and then dragging the direction icon to adjust the alert range might be helpful.


  • Question: I am trying to configure a humidity sensor to turn on/off a dehumidifier. The only way I could get this to work is by setting a high and low humidity alert, for example, come on when humidity is 55% and turn off when humidity is 50%. It works, but the problem is I now get constant “low humidity” alerts. How do I keep the process working without getting all the alerts?


You can turn on the Alert Interval and set it to a larger number of minutes for your temperature & humidity sensor.

If you don’t want to receive push notifications, you can turn off “Receive Push Messages” or set the “Do Not Disturb” time in your profile -> Settings -> Alarm Strategy.


  • Question: I have a greenhouse and would like to have a ventilator that will turn on if the temperature rises for example above 100 Fahrenheit.
    I already have bought the YoLink temperature sensor. Can I program the YoLink outlet that it will turn on automatically if the temperature sensor will rise above 100 Fahrenheit but will shut down under 86 Fahrenheit?


You can make automations via the YoLink app to fulfill that. You need to set the alert for the temperature and humidity sensor first.

Please kindly watch the following video for how to create automation.


  • Question: I am trying to monitor the temperature of freezers on a farm, and need some help to understand if YoLink is capable of this and what YoLink components I will need.


To monitor your freezer temperature remotely through your smartphone and get alert message when the temperature rise above some point you set from your smartphone, these communications all go through the cloud, so you have to have the internet available for the Hub. Since the freezer is metal material covered and it will block most of the wireless signal, so the Hub should be close to the freezer, it may work one hundred feet or more. Our YoLink temperature/humidity sensor is the only smart temperature sensor that can work inside the freezer or refrigerator in the market. In your case, your barns have the metal roof and sides, it will be difficult to communicate between the Hub which is located in your farmer house and the temperature sensor which is located inside a freezer.

The very safe way which will work well for sure is:

Add one Hub and one temperature/Humidity sensor set in each barn, and both Hub are connected to the internet (can be WiFi or ethernet cable connection). Of course, you can add door sensors or motion sensor in the barn too. Then you can use your smart home to monitor both temperature and get alert message anywhere. If you add YoLink system in your home, with Hub and Siren. You can set whenever the freezer’s temperature rises up to the alert setting, trigger your siren which is located anywhere under your YoLink account. You can add a lot of other YoLink devices to protect your home and make your home smart. Like, water leak sensors, door sensors, motion sensors, smart plugs, siren, garage door controller…


  • Question: I keep getting Low Temperature alarms on my freezer monitor. I have a deep freezer that goes down to -30F (likely lower). Can you show me how to remove the lower bound on the alarm, so it only alarms when it goes ABOVE a certain temperature?


The newest version of YoLink App supports to set the low and high temperate alert separately. Please update your YoLink App.


  • Question: Is there a way to download the data of temperature/humidity on a by minute basis for analysis?


We don’t have this feature for the Temperature & Humidity Sensor at present. We do have the YoLink temperature/humidity data logger which is under development and can provide the data in minute of interval time. The data logger version will be released next year.