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YoLink App

  • Question: App doesn’t work after ios and app updating


Sorry for this issue. After the App and iOS updating, we do found other customers have the same issue.

Could you go to your iPhone -> Settings -> General -> Language & Region -> iPhone Language set to English (US) and Region set to United States? Please make sure enter to the language and set it to English US. Then restart the app.


  •  Question: I found all the control work through the cloud. It sounds great but to me, I feel unsafe. Since it’s using cloud to operate your account anybody that has access to or hacks the Yolink network can control your device.


Please do not worry, YoLink System is secure and safe.

  1. We use AWS security system and encrypted network communication to defend against malicious attacks
  2. We have a security audit that can detect and deal with hacker attacks in time
  3. We have performed secondary encryption for each communication of the device, and each piece of data is dynamically encrypted. The encryption key of each device is different and varies with network access. Even if a hacker attacks our network, it cannot directly control your device.


  • Question: I can’t get a notification when YoLink App is in the background, until I open it again.


Due to the highly customized design of Android phone operating system, when you swipe up an App on the Recent View, the system will forcibly stop the App. In the Android system, an app that is forcibly stopped cannot receive push messages. Therefore, when you want to exit the YoLink App, we recommend using the “Back” or “Home” button.

When the YoLink App is running in the background, it will not perform any other operations except for responding to push messages, and will not consume a lot of power or data. Please rest assured.

We also recommend that you add YoLink App to the whitelist of background applications to ensure that you can receive alert messages from the device in a timely manner under any circumstances. This setting item is usually located in Phone Settings -> Applications -> Self-starting Applications, or Phone Settings -> Power -> Application Restrictions.

If you cannot find the setting, please kindly contact us for help.


  • Question: Why did I get a silent alert on my phone. 


For the Android system, you can set the ringtone on the phone settings -> Sound and notification; Apple has disabled the notification setting, but you can use a third-party service to set it.

YoLink Door Sensor, Motion Sensor and Water Leak Sensor work with Alexa, so you can create routines to get voice announcements through Alexa. We have a YoLink Siren which works with YoLink Sensors and has audible alarms. Its Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0887SMPKK


  • Question: Why does the app keep crashing on my phone!


Please check the following items to pinpoint possible issues:

1: Does it directly exit when starting the App? Is there an authorization prompt box when opening the App?

2: Is the phone jail broken?

3: What is the App Store area?

4: What is the region and language in the phone settings?

5: What is the permission setting of YoLink App in the phone settings?

6: Has the App ID been logged in? To help analyze the problem, please open the phone settings-> privacy-> analysis and improvement-> share iPhone analysis option. Please confirm whether there is data at the beginning of YoLink-*** in the analysis data. If so, please send it to us by email.

One of the customers said they changed the Language > Settings > General > Language & Region > iPhone Language, from English to English (US) and now it’s working. Hope that will be helpful to you.


  • Question: I can’t get notifications


  1. The default alert for the device is turned on. You can set it at Device->Alert.
  2. YoLink App supports unified alert settings in Settings-> Alarm Strategy of Device and Profile -> Advanced Settings.
  3. If you are a member of the Home group, and you want to receive app notifications, the host of the home should set the permission in Settings-> Alarm Strategy of device, choose “All” for “Send App Notification”; if you are a member of the Home group, and you want to receive Email notifications, the host of the home should set the permission in Settings-> Alarm Strategy of device, choose “All” for “Send Email”.
  4. If you cannot get the alert notifications normally, please use the diagnosis tool to exclude in Profile -> Help-> Can’t Get Device Alarm-> Diagnosis of Device Alarm-> Start Diagnosis.


  • Question: Can it be set up to get phone notifications on multiple phones?


Currently, only one phone number can be added to your YoLink App account.

But YoLink Sensors works with IFTTT, if you need to get phone notifications on multiple phones, you can create your own applet for the sensor through the IFTTT app.

Please refer to the following video for How to connect YoLink with IFTTT 


  • Question: Why the SMS/Text Messsage is limited?


I’m very sorry for this limited SMS. I totally understand your feelings. I’d like to explain to you. The text message from our platform to customers’ phone is not free, actually it is very expensive when our customers go over tens of thousands. We provide very affordable price and high-quality smart home products. We have to stay all the time to continuously provide the good service too, we will keep the emails and App push message free life time. Now only the SMS service cost more than thousands and thousands of dollars per month and is still going up very fast, some of our customer turn on all their devices for text messages, we have to pay more than 20 dollars per month for each one of these customers. So, we have to ask the customers to limit their SMS usage and only enable it for important events, for example, water leak is detected, and security alarm message to keep YoLink business growing

We strive to provide the best products at the best price with the best support in the smart home industry. But, due to the high operating costs of SMS (text messaging) services, and to provide the most stable and reliable services to all customers, we must modify our SMS notifications offerings. We have decided to offer limited free SMS services to all customers and unlimited SMS services will only be offered to subscription customers in the future.
Customer accounts will automatically receive a limited number of free SMS messages per month, based on the number of registered devices, and existing customers will receive an additional amount of free SMS messages. Once the monthly SMS usage reaches the account limit, this feature will be limited, and we recommend that you only use the SMS service when necessary.

You can view the quotas and usage limits at App -> Settings. Once the monthly SMS usage reaches the account limit, this feature will be limited, and we recommend that you only use the SMS service when necessary.
I’m sorry for any inconvenience to you because this changes.

The subscription service will start before end of next month. It will be a few dollars per month or charged by the actually number of text messages, we paid 1 cent per message for customers now.


  • Question: How do I change the name of my water sensors on the app from ‘Not Set’ to something I want?


The names of the YoLink devices can be different. Therefore, even if they are placed in the same room, they can be distinguished by name.
For example, you can edit the name of the leak sensor as BsmtNorthWall, the other name as BsmtSouthWall, and so on.
Please watch the following video How to add room and edit name for YoLink devices


  • Question: I would like my device to work differently at different times of the day. For example, I do not need my device to tell me during the day if a certain door is open or closed.


You can use the “Alarm strategy of device” in YoLink app and set different alarm strategies for different sensors. 

Please watch the following video for How to set up Alarm Strategy


  • Question: How can disable notifications or disable the sensor during the day?


You can turn on “Do Not Disturb” on App -> Settings -> Alarm strategy of device, then set the time you do not want to get notifications. Please kindly note this function works for all the sensors.

If you want to disable the notifications for some of the sensors, you can set different alarm strategies for those sensors. 


  • Question: I am having trouble with the smart function and automation. I am not able to set any behaviors. I can’t setup any automation with specifying a behavior. I hit the plus sign for a behavior and there is nothing I can do in that section. How do I select a behavior??????


The reason why you cannot create smart automation is that you do not have smart action items or smart trigger devices.
For example, if you only have smart leak sensors. You can select the water leak sensor as “IF”, but no device can be used as “THEN”.
Please watch the following video about how to create automation.


  • Question: Can you point me towards more info or documents on setting up “scenes” and/or adding a behavior…like Day or Night settings?


To set a Scene, you can press Smart -> Scene -> Press “+” to add -> Edit the name, select an icon, add it to Favorite, then press “+” on Behavior to add devices and their actions.
Please watch the following video for How to set up scene


  • Question: I have downloaded the app on my phone and it is not letting me create an account. When I fill out the information and tap “Sign up for an account” nothing happens.


Can you check if the YoLink app is the latest version in the Apple Store?
In the latest version of the application, if there is a registration exception, a pop-up prompt will indicate the reason.
1. This name has been used.
2. The email has been registered.


  • Question: This QR Code is not a product QR code. 


Can you put the device on a white background and try again?
You can put the device on white printing paper and scan. Make sure to scan the QR code on the device itself and not on the box.
Otherwise, please take a photo of the QR code of your sensor and send it to our email address service@yosmart.com, and our technicians will help you scan it.


  • Question: When I scan the QR code in the app I get an error message message “error! The device has been bound”. 


Can you please send us the screenshot after you scan the QR code to our email address service@yosmart.com?

We will unbind the device for you.


  • Question: How do I change my username?


The YoLink app does not support changing the user name, because the user name is the unique identification of the user.
You do not need to log out of your username, but you can log out of your account in the app and then register a new account.


  • Question: why do you need access to my camera(s) for water detection app? and what camera?


The application obtains the camera permission to use the camera to scan the QR code of the device and add the device to the application to automatically control the devices of the smart home. After adding a device, the permission to stop the camera will not be affected.


  • Question: if I’m in a different state, will it send alerts to my phone?


Yes, no matter where you are, if your phone is connected to the network, it will send an alert to your phone.


  • Question: How often are there updates to the software?


Usually, we update the YoLink app every month.


  • Question: I connected the Hub with the ethernet cable. Then we lost power due to a storm. When power came back on and internet came back the Hub went back on line, which is good, but all the sensors are disconnected? So I need to go to each one and reconnect ?


All sensors will automatically connect to the internet within 4 hours, or connect immediately by pressing the SET button.


  • Question: How to delete the device from app?


Please follow the steps below.
1. Open the YoLink app
2. Click All devices, then tap the icon of the device you want to delete
3. Click the icon in the upper right corner of the 3 dots to enter the Detail page
4. Swipe down on the phone screen until the end, you will find the delete button.


  • Question: How do I know which automation is running? 


You can distinguish it from the automation history log and the device history log.
Regarding the automation, swipe it left, then you will find the Log, click to enter the log list.


  • Question:  I want simple buttons to enable and disable the entire system so that kids can do it easily.


Currently, we have some methods.
1) Scene control, you can add it to the Favorite page and set the Favorite page as the main page, and click the alarm scene to perform the operation when you want to monitor the house.

2) Or set up automation to make the system run automatically.

3) Enable or disable device alarms

4) Turn on or off push notifications, email notifications and SMS notifications in “Advanced Settings”.

5) Some customers also use Alexa for protection.

We will continue to improve our systems and products.
Thank you again for your support and suggestions.


  • Question: Every time I launch the YoLink app on my phone, I get this error message: Connection fail. Retry Please!


The reason for the connection timeout error usually means that there is a problem with your local network connection.

Regarding the solution to this problem,

  1. Check Your Connection – Restart your home or office router; Check to see if you’re on a bad or slow Wi-Fi connection
  2. Disable Firewall and Antivirus Software Temporarily
  3. Disable Proxy Settings
  4. Change DNS Servers

Hope that will be helpful to you.


  • Question: The e-mail notifications started going to spam folder. Any solution?


There are many reasons why e-mails enter spam folders. There are three steps to avoid e-mails entering spam.

Step 1. Tell Subscribers to Whitelist Your Emails
Step 2. Gmail Users, “Drag” Emails from Other Tabs to Primary Inbox
Step 3. Teach Subscribers How to Keep Your Emails Organized in a Special Folder
Hope that will be helpful to you.


  • Question: How do I delete the device history alerts in Messages after I have finished reading them?


The history record will display the latest 100 logs of the device. Currently, deleting history records in YoLink APP is not supported.
We release an updated version of the YoLink app every month. Some application upgrade recommendations (including deleting device history) will be implemented in future versions.


  • Question: Can you provide definitive info on how often each device communicates back to the Hub to report its status?


Thank you for choosing YoLink smart IoT system. You may already know we use the longest range and lowest power consumption LoRa wireless technology instead of other wireless Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Z-Wave and Bluetooth in the current market. So we can provide up to 1000 feet distance coverage and 5 years plus battery life. Another huge difference between the YoLink system and other systems, is all your sensors are linked only to your cloud account through the Hub, not linked to the Hub, all the Hubs are transparent. so you can easily expand the coverage by adding Hubs and manage your smart devices on multiple different locations. If you put multiple Hubs on a large deployment, any Hub failure will not affect your system. The sensors will report to the cloud if there is any working Hub available in the range. All communications are encrypted between the cloud and individual sensor’s unique key which was stored in inside the device’ chip and cloud server: nobody can hack it. So, we can say we provide most reliable and secure smart IoT system in the market.

We have three type of devices, Class A and Class D, battery powered devices, like door sensors, leak sensors, they send signal to the Hub when there is events and every 4 hours will send the status to the cloud through the Hub for heartbeat. Class C powered by external supply, it always stays in receive mode, and they will send the status every 30 minutes to the cloud through the Hub.

IFTTT started charging customers monthly fees, so we recommend customers use YoLink automations and Alexa routines for their smart home system. If you deploy a large YoLink system, you only need to use the YoLink automations and alarm strategies to manage your system, it is much powerful and easy way to do it.


  • Question: Can this system send notifications to multiple emails?


An email address can only be associated with one YoLink App account.

You can set it to notify multiple email addresses, as long as you add them all as Members to your HOME.


  • Question: How do I reset the password?


First of all, you can edit the password in the App -> Profile (press the portrait icon to enter the Profile) -> Password.
Or, you can log out of YoLink App and log in again. On the login page, press “Forgot Password”, and then use your username and email address to reset your password.

Note: If you do not receive the confirmation code, please check your spam folder.


  • Question: I would like to know how to add a user to my account? 


About how to invite user,
1, Please kindly confirm the invited user has YoLink App account.
2, When you click “Invite User” to invite your family members, there is a QR code.
3, The invited user needs to login to the App account and scan the QR code, he/she will be added to your home.

As for the notification management for the invited user, you can set it in the App -> Settings -> Alarm Strategy of device -> Alarm Strategy -> Device Alert.
Choose “ALL” for Send App Notification, then both the admin and the invited user will receive App Notifications.
Choose “ALL” for Send Email, then both the admin and the invited user will receive Email Notifications.
The “Send SMS” is only available for the Admin.


  • Question: Will the App allow me to switch back and forth between the different homes and both homes remain active for the water sensing?


Really sorry we do not support creating different homes within YoLink App.

But you can add all your devices to your App, even the devices are in different states.
One of our customers added his home, his office and his vacation house’s multiple devices in his App. You just need to make sure, each different location needs a separate Hub. You can set up the automation with devices in different locations.
Hope that will be helpful to you.


  • Question: I would like to know if you also offer a desktop App or standard browser access as well.


Sorry, we do not yet offer a desktop App or browser access yet.


  • Question: Is there a way to explore the data?


We do not support this function at present.


  • Question: I don’t know why the App requests permissions for contacts. What does it have to do with my contact information?


You do not need to turn on the permission for contacts. You can turn on the camera and location for YoLink App. YoLink App does not need permission for contacts. You do not need to turn it on.


  • Question: Will the firmware update automatically or do I need to go into each device?


Sorry for customers’ security protection, we do not support updating the firmware automatically.

You will need to click the firmware update for each device.

If you need us to update for you, you can send the EUI of devices, we can do it for you.

But without your permission, we can not do that.


  • Question: Do I need the internet connection to control devices if my phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi


Yes, you will need an internet connection to control your YoLink devices.
YoLink is an independent smart home system, and YoLink Hub is the central controller of YoLink devices. YoLink Hub can be connected with wired Ethernet or 2.4GHz wireless network.
YoLink Hub connects YoLink devices to the Internet and YoLink Cloud.
The function of YoLink App, integration with Alexa, Google and IFTTT works through the Internet and YoLink Cloud.
YoLink has YoLink Control, our unique device-to-device control operation, which will work without the Hub and without an internet connection.
For example, you can set up YoLink Control between the YoLink door sensor and the YoLink siren alarm. If there is no internet connection, the door sensor can trigger the siren alarm.
YoLink Siren alarm can also be used with YoLink motion sensor and YoLink water leak sensor.
For how to set up YoLink control between door sensor and alarm, please visit https://youtu.be/RNyJpDI_b8c
For how to set up YoLink control between the leak sensor and the alarm, please visit https://youtu.be/BsZAPBT_EaE

As for smart devices, such as smart plugs, outdoor plugs, smart valves, smart light switches, etc., we have a YoLink remote control that works with them, and these devices can be turned on or off even without the Internet.


  • Question: If my phone is not connected to the Wi-Fi, say I’m at work, will the App notify me if there is a flood in my basement?


If the phone is not connected to the Wi-Fi, but uses the mobile phone operator’s network, the App will notify you when there is a flood in your basement.
If your phone does not have an internet connection, you will not receive notifications from the YoLink App.