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YoLink Thermostat

  • Question: is the thermostat easy to install? Does it require a C Wire?


Yes, this YoLink Thermostat needs C wire.

We are going to release new version of thermostat for 4 wires installation which doesn’t require a C wire next year.


  • Question: I have a heat pump so hopefully this will work. Below is a picture of my current wiring. I have a blue wire & an orange wire and not sure what to do with them! Also looks like a jumper on the white wire. Please advise!


YoLink thermostat only support regular 5-wires thermostat, it doesn’t support A/C system with heat pump or two-stage cooling and heating system.

We will develop and release the new generation of thermostat that supports the heat pump system in next year.


  • Question: If my central air does not have a 24volt wire, can I still use your thermostat?


If 24V AC is not available, you can use a 24V transformer C-wire adapter to power the thermostat. You can find the adapter at the following link. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075PN6NCV


  • Question: My thermostat only has 4 wires; how do I connect this transformer?


You can try to upgrade from a 4-wire thermostat to a 5-wire thermostat, the following video may be helpful.




  • Question: How to install the Thermostat?


We haven’t created a video for the YoLink Thermostat yet, below is the diagram from one of our customers.